Help! Stu(dying)

 Cheat sheet to surviving the stress 

     So Finals are right around the corner.  I know even the word “finals” sends a burst of anxiety running through us.  It’s a common time to be anxious and stressed about your performance, but it’s important to remain balanced during this hectic holiday season.  Here are some quick tips to keep it all manageable:

  • Exercise.  Keep the dopamine and serotonin levels flowing to calm your nervous system, stop the obsessing and keep you energized.  Even 15-20 minutes of cardio can release the angst in your body.
  • Limit caffeine.  We all need a little extra to stay alert.  Remember the caffeine will remain in your body for 8 hours so plan accordingly so you can sleep.  Avoid energy drinks because it makes your body release so much cortisol (stress hormone) that you may end up feeling more tired or panicky.
  • Sleep.  Stats show the more sleep you get the better you’ll do.  So remember pulling all nighters won’t help.
  • Eat healthy.  Fuel your brain with high protein to keep your focus and memory sharp.  Add as much Omega 3’s as possible;  think sushi, salmon, chia seeds, supplements and lots of fruits and veggies so you won’t fall asleep on those heavy, greasy carbs.
  • Schedule study time.  Have a routine that gives you blocks of time to study when you’re most alert.  Take small breaks to avoid getting overwhelmed.  A walk out in nature can reset your brain. DO NOT study on your bed!  Force yourself to library or coffee hangout to make the most of your time so you cannot be distracted.
  • Reward.  Plan something fun to anticipate to keep you hopeful.  Remember you’ll be with your friends and family soon to play.  Work hard, play hard.
  • Get support from friends, school counselors or contact Marilyn Viera for online or phone therapy when you’re not in Orange County at (949)412-8235