Individual Counseling is for those seeking to find direction and a new perspective in life. An objective view can offer hope and possibilities when it is particularly hard to be optimistic and motivated to move forward.

  • Abuse; physical, sexual, emotional, domestic violence
  • Anxiety; panic attacks, phobias, avoidance and limited life experiences
  • Biracial/Bicultural identity and generational family gaps
  • College Age; career and educational decisions, academic performance
  • Depression and Bipolar mood disorders
  • Family of Origin
  • Holistic How is your sleep, diet, social media and other habits impacting your health
  • Sexual identity LGBTQ+
  • Grief bereavement, divorce, losses, breakups
  • Postpartum and adjustment to motherhood
  • Substance abuse, addictions, codependency
  • Spanish speaking services
  • Trauma; EMDR
  • Work Stress; conflicts with employee or boss, job performance, downsize in force, mergers, employee deaths/accidents
  • Specializes in working with Firefighters, Police/Law Enforcement and their families
  • Critical Incident Stress Management; treating employees after a trauma in workplace, management consultations and Employee Assistant Program Counselor

Couples Counseling for partners that need help reconnecting and are searching for more effective approaches to communication; with the goal to resolve ongoing conflicts that cause gridlocks in the relationship. Intensive Counseling Sessions offered Saturday’s for 90 or 120 minute appointments for those with challenging work schedules. Please note this a specialized service not covered by insurance companies.

  • Contemplating divorce
  • Redesigning a new marriage after infidelity, grief, illness or distrust
  • Seeking help for my marriage when my partner is unwilling to participate
  • Desire to be more devoted, respectful and committed to my partner

Parenting (ParenTeen) and Family Counseling offers supportive guidance for parents on how to address concerns with their challenging teen/child. Consultations can help parents to consider which are the best approaches to take to increase cooperation.

  • Academic underachievement, ADHD, performance anxieties
  • Behavioral Problems can include meltdowns that disrupt the family, sibling rivalries
  • Supporting families through a divorce and the adjustments that will occur
  • Blending stepfamilies and Co-parenting
  • Drug/alcohol use
  • Irritability; Is it hormones? Stress? Depression?
  • Self harm, self-esteem/self-hatred issues, coping skills
  • Social difficulties with peers, social anxiety

Holistic Counseling

  • EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for Trauma
  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Reiki Energy Healing

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