Benefits of Counseling

  • What is it?

    It is the process of exploring your innermost thoughts and feelings, with an objective, nurturing and supportive professional. For some clients, it is coaching to reach their immediate goals. Others come to heal their family dynamics and their past pain. And some just need some consultations to know how to handle a current situation.

  • How does it work?

    It allows you to better understand your personal relationships, goals, values, and find solutions to your conflicts. This insight allows you to take responsibility by making a commitment to change your situation by being in therapy. Highly motivated clients like the homework assignments to help them reach their optimum potential.

  • How long does it take?

    It varies for each individual and depends on the issues that need to be addressed. However, the more motivated one is, the quicker the results. Most clients feel relief within the first five sessions and identify ongoing changes they’d like to make moving forward in their growth. Therapy has long lasting benefits that will give you the coping tools to avoid falling into the same destructive patterns and to identify your triggers so you can handle them more in a more healthy way.

    My clients always comment on how much relief they get from the very first session. Sometimes parents come in for a few sessions on how to handle their children/adult children’s stressors, behaviors, addictions or issues adjusting to changes.

  • Is it for me?

    Some clients can be concerned about the stigma and shame of counseling. They fear they’ll be perceived as “crazy”. Rest assured that none of my clients are crazy! They are simply looking for a safe place to voice their stresses and to find understanding in how to proceed when they feel paralyzed. It’s important for some people to get an unbiased input that isn’t influenced by their loved one’s.

  • Will you tell me what I should do?

    It is up to each client to determine what is in their best interest. However, with options that we find together, it will be more evident what the best choices can be and when the best timing is.

    It’s always helpful to role play and discuss how to best handle challenging situations and people.

  • Will you tell me I should take medicine?

    Certain diagnosis are best treated with medicine and therapy to receive the quickest and longest lasting results. However, I always assess my client’s lifestyles (exercise, diet, sleep, and food sensitivities) that can sometimes mimic mental health problems first. I believe in providing holistic treatment that balances mind/body/spirit. If it is determined that symptoms are moderately high to severe, I will work with your psychiatrist/PCP to coordinate the best care for the client.

  • What kind of fees should I expect?
    50 min session/$175

    Telemedicine (encrypted confidential audio, video, or data connection) is available for existing clients)

    • For those who are not able to attend in-person sessions for a period of time or sick
    • For those who have relocated in a different geographical area; college students or those who must travel for work (this will vary for each state
    • For those that need a consultation, an intervention, education, resources, or an emergency assessment

    Patients have the option to pay with cash, check, Health Savings Account or credit card.

  • Insurance

    I am an OUT OF NETWORK provider. If you have a PPO/EPO, then typically that means your PPO will pay for a 50%-100% when your out of network deductible is met. I don’t know what your insurance will provide for you. As a courtesy, I will submit your superbill/receipt to your insurance so you can be reimbursed or I’ll gladly provide you with a superbill to submit yourself to the claims department of your insurance. Please check your benefits and eligibility if you intend to use insurance. I would be happy to assist with process.
    Please check your coverage carefully by asking the following questions:
    – What is my out of network deductible?
    – What is my copay?