Individual Counseling

Counseling can be the guidance you need in your career, stress management, family of origin issues or goals you’d like to reach.

Teen & Family Counseling

Growing up isn’t easy and kids need tools to get along at home and school. Some need help with motivation, self esteem, academics, sports or simply adjusting their attitudes so they can be successful. I help with divorce and blended family issues too.

Marital Counseling

Learn the ways to communicate so your partner can be more responsive to you. Couples struggling with challenges can get help to get out of gridlock.

Holistic Counseling

Mind, body and spirit are one and interrelated. I look at nutrition, sleep, spirituality and alternative therapies to assist in having balanced lives without medications. I assess for natural alternatives to treat mental health disorders.

Make Self Care Your Highest Priority

Mind & Body balance is crucial to creating the life you want. Whether you need regular sessions or just a tune-up, don’t wait to change your life. Reconnect to reach your highest potential.

About Marilyn Viera, LCSW

Bilingual Psychotherapist, Marilyn Viera, is focused on helping couples to rebuild their marriage, assisting parents to support their child to be successful academically and behaviorally, and helping individuals of all ages to grow to their optimum potential and overcome obstacles and anxieties.

“I have the honor and privilege to share in the intimate details of people’s lives every day. They trust me and I provide the nurturance, support and understanding they need.”

Wellness Resources


How to Help Loved Ones with Depression It is in moments like these, of losing celebrities and loved ones to suicide and depression, that we must come together to acknowledge those we have lost to completed suicide and continue to bring

“I have worked closely as a counselor in the same office for many years with Marilyn Viera and have valued her professional knowledge in working with individuals and families. She is a caring and trustworthy counselor that I feel fortunate to know and always feel comfortable referring my clients to her if needed. She has years of experience and I respect the compassion she has for her clients. In my experience, Marilyn Viera has always made contributions to the well being of her clients. As her peer I highly recommend Marilyn. She is a trustworthy and accomplished counselor in many areas.”

Melinda Emery / ATR-BC, LMFT, CATC IV

“Marilyn is a caring, empathetic, knowledgeable, and experienced psychotherapist, well versed in many schools of therapy, well informed and connected in the community with other providers and resources, warm and easy to talk to. Anyone can benefit from her wisdom, her easy manner, her affable disposition, and experienced background.”

Luz Bayer / MFT

“Ms. Viera and I have been working together for many years, sharing the patients: she is providing psychotherapy and family counselling, I’m – pharmacotherapy. She is one of my favorite therapists for the referrals, and definitely, the number one when it comes to teenages and children. I have not had any patient referred to her, who would not come with the same highest opinion about her personal qualities, dedication to her patients, and ability to help. Understandably, she is one of the most respected and busiest therapists in Orange County, and because of that – not always easily accessible for the new patients, but I would definitely try to make an appointment with her first, even if you have to wait, you wouldn’t ever regret.”

Dr. Shaulov

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