Coping with Covid-19

What a strange and uncertain transition we are all going through right now! Some of us are not working, some are working from home, and most students are back at home full time with us. There’s a lot going on and the fear of the unknown is creating a lot of angst. Our routines are off: some people may be enjoying being on vacation-pajama mode, while on the contrary, others may feel the need to be productive. It’s hard to find the middle ground and balance, because we don’t have a reference or instructions on how to deal with our current situation. It’s easy to vary from being ultra paranoid to minimizing the risks and denying the fears all within minutes. What’s a person to do with all these thoughts and changing responses to news, social media, family and friend’s recommendations, and reactions?

Just pause…take a breath and notice what’s going on in your body and mind. Is it racing with a need to prepare and stockpile? Are the basic needs of food and necessities available to you? Would a Netflix binge shut your racy mind down and allow the relaxation you need now?
Or maybe you need to distract yourself and quiet your mind with a walk? Perhaps enjoy some fresh air with some tea or wine outside and without judgement.

One thing that has really helped me cope is by focusing on what is within my control in my house. My home now looks like a preschool learning center with designated work areas. My unused formal living room is now the workout area with weights, bands, yoga mats and streaming videos. The formal dining room has a 1,000 piece puzzle strewn about with and other games and Sudoku. The patio has art and painting supplies to channel creativity and listen to music. The kitchen is supplied with healthy food to graze on and comfort food to satisfy everyone’s mood. Create the environment you want to thrive in and use this time to shape your ideal self with activities you’ve always wanted to explore. Let your creativity blossom. Cook something new. Work out in a casual and playful way. Do some yoga. Connect over FaceTime with your friends and family. We may not physically be with one another, however, we are all going through this together. This is a time of growth and patience for us all. A time to ground oneself. A time to focus on the priorities that matter most. A time for acceptance.