Challenges of Having a ADHD Relationship

You know you’re married to a spouse with ADHD when…

  • You both make an agreement to stick to a budget, parenting plan, or a save the date event and they argue you never told them about it (as though they have a good memory!)
  • They constantly lose their phone, wallet or keys (which causes stress because you’re both now late to leave.)
  • You are frequently interrupted by him/her because they don’t want to forget what they want to say (so they aren’t listening to you!!)
  • Their procrastination is paralyzing and incomplete projects are backing up.
  • During a conversation he/she starts talking about some other random topic totally not related.
  • You find yourself always waiting or lying about the start time of an event to get them to leave earlier.
  • You find you don’t trust you can rely on him/her to follow through, which makes you burned out of always being the responsible one.
  • You see how disorganized and inefficient they are with their use of time (extra driving when they were just there an hour ago, forgetting to buy the one needed item at the store.”
  • They tend to get lost often, road rage or can’t remember a location where they have been before (and you’re car sick, anxious or arguing in the car again.)

So you can see the challenges a non-ADHD spouse can have, and it certainly isn’t easy for the ADHD spouse who feels criticized, belittled, and incompetent.  These are the issues I help couple’s to navigate so the bitterness, frustration and contempt don’t destroy the marriage.  If you are at this point, it isn’t if you divorce, it is when you will divorce.  Those with ADHD have higher rates of divorce.  Don’t wait to be a statistic.  Set your appointment today to correct these concerns.

Dr. Hallowell on ADHD in Marriages on Dr. Oz
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