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What is your self-love plan
Marriage Motivator #2
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Marilyn’s Health & Wellness Tips Fall 2016

What is your self-love plan?
I will…

  • exercise to release the angst from my body to decrease anxiety so I can sleep better
  • eat only foods that have nutritional benefits and boost my immunity
  • surround myself with people that make me want to be the best person I can be
  • take time out to be in nature to quiet my mind. discover creative hobbies and interests to prevent me from being bored, depressed or unproductive
  • make sure I get 8 hours sleep by minimizing my electronics at night, cutting out caffeine 8-10 hours before sleep and use my sleep to re-nourish me (NOT to review my day or plan the next.)

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Marriage Motivator #2


The 80:20 Ratio: The Secret to Appreciating your Marriage Marriage will not be 100% perfect and there will be inevitably challenging times. Having an expectation of a perfect marriage is unrealistic. It is too easy to focus on the 20% of irritations and annoyances, and forget the 80% of the things that go quite well. Which percentage have you been focusing on? Recommended Reading- The Love & Respect Experience (Devotional) by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

Eat to treat ADHD

High protein breakfasts for students don’t have to be a pain. They are mandatory if you want your child to be able to focus, memorize, have good judgement, good behavior and best grades possible. Here are my favorite, fast, high protein breakfasts for people on the run:

  1. Eat right to treat ADHDTrader Joe’s frozen quiche ready in 3 minutes! (17grams of protein)
  2. Frozen turkey sausage egg sandwiches; ideally on whole wheat english muffin (16 gr)
  3. Kodiak Protein Pancakes-These can be made ahead on the weekend and frozen to quick heat in the am (3 4inch pancakes/14 gr)
  4. Hard boiled eggs (6 gr each)
  5. Smoothies made with protein powder(25 gr), kefir (1cup/11 gr), milk (1cup/10 gr), chia or hemp seeds and your favorite fruits
  6. Whole wheat bagels (10 gr)or toast (3gr) with almond butter(2tbsp/7gr) or peanut butter (2tbsp/8gr)
  7. Think Thin Protein Bars (20 gr) when you got to go!
  8. Frozen precooked turkey sausage that quickly heats in the microwave (3 links/12 grams of protein)

Hope you like how they’re easy enough so your child can make their own breakfast while you sip your latte.