Help for Men in the Doghouse

Do you ever struggle to understand what is going on the female brain?  Does their thinking and frustration with you leave you bewildered as to why they’re upset with you again?  Do you feel like your best just isn’t good enough for your partner???

I help translate to men what their spouse is asking for when they have no clue what to do. I make recommendations to husbands as to how they can communicate in a more effective way without all the conflict and misunderstandings.  This is necessary because women really are from Venus and men are from Mars.  When men hear a complaint, he hears it as his fault.  When women hear a complaint, it is viewed as an opportunity to feel closer and intimate in conversation.  That is why men often want to “fix” your complaints because they are problem solvers.  Done.  No need to discuss further.  Women want WORDS…and compassion, “I’m sorry you had such a bad day.  You poor thing.”  Men want BEHAVIORS, to fix it, to delete it so it doesn’t reoccur.  So you don’t need to complain and be unhappy day after day.

Ultimately, men really do want to protect, please and provide for us women.  I do believe that.  Some just don’t know how.  That’s a fixable problem that can be addressed in therapy with or without your spouse present.  Because we only have control of our own behaviors. So is it time for you to make changes in your communication?  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram, Marilyn K. Viera, LCSW, for more tips.  When you’re ready to make an appointment, call me at (949) 412-8235.