How To Stay Grounded When Tragedy Strikes

Shock.  Horror.  Disbelief.  Confusion.  Anger.  Grief.  Helplessness.

We all have these responses when a tragedy strikes our country.  The news is on 24/7 everywhere we go to keep us up to date.  How much is too much?  Does looking at your social media feed cause a reaction in you?  Is what you saw on the news replaying in your head?  Are you feeling anxious, with trouble sleeping and images in your head that disturb you?

What does your mind, body and spirit need today?  Sometimes it needs a push to get out of the house and out of your head.  We might need to set up time to share a meal with a loved one.  Or does it need to be quietly in a yoga studio to take slow and deliberate breath?  My go to is a walk out in nature to be mindful of the my surroundings.  I love to hear the sounds of the birds, and to feel the breeze and warmth of the sun.  I let my senses take in the nurturing it needs to recharge my batteries and to renourish my soul.  Zooming out allows us to get perspective, rest and prioritize what really matters most in the moment.

Many of us can get too caught up in overthinking and believe we need to be prepared for “what if” situations.  It’s actually not so.  Because it isn’t yet a reality.  We really need to stay in the present moment.  Fast forwarding into the future is the main reason we have anxiety symptoms.  Trust yourself enough to make the right decisions if and when you”re in a stressful situation.  Know that you can find the resources and support systems you need to be your lifelines when an actual crisis does occur.

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